You can’t buy good health, yet only you can own and control your vitality.

Don’t know how, you say? Then meet Tamara Macdonald.

One of only two Naturopathic Physicians in Ohio who have experience practicing as a primary care physician, Dr. Tamara is one of those rare practitioners who holds degrees in both Naturopathic Medicine and Acupuncture. Her medical training underscores her belief in the importance of integrating medical knowledge from Eastern, Western and global healing traditions, along with the most recent science-based information, in order to help her patients.

Dr. Tamara helps patients identify the underlying causes of their discomfort, so they are able to make adjustments, as needed, in diet or lifestyle to eliminate the roots of dis-ease. In this way, individuals learn to understand their body’s signals in order to take control of – and responsibility for – their health.

Tamara and husband, Marc, reside in Hinckley’s Walden Pond, where she tends to (and prepares meals from) an organic garden, quilts, and plays mahjong.


Honesty, integrity and 110% commitment to her patients’ health! Just look at her patients’ comments, and you’ll see that holistic medicine works!


North Coast Natural Health
3929 Center Road, Brunswick